Social spaces

Public Areas in the Buildings, Exhibition Space

The Globcentre and Biocentre buildings should have adequately spacious, representative entrance area.  The Globcentre entrance area could also be used as the “science on sphere” space. Poster exhibitions are planned for Biocentre; they could take place in its entrance area. The entrance space should also be connected to the large lecture hall in the respective building (and, ideally, also to a café). In both cases, the entrance area must contain a reception desk and the related facilities (the electronic security system and the electronic fire signalisation).


In Biocentre, an ideal location for a café seems to be nearby the large lecture hall. It would be desirable for the café to be connected to the poster exhibition area as well as to the club (it may be a part of the club that operates independently of it). At the same time, the café should be part of the entrance space. The required surface area is 150 m2. In Globcentre, a smaller café is planned (80 m2). Once again, it should be conveniently located near the entrance area. The cafés should, among other of their functions, create space for scientific discussions (electric power outlets at tables for notebooks, etc.).


The Club whose capacity will be 70 persons will be located in Biocentre. It is necessary to address people present in the building during nigh time: an independent entrance is ideal. The club must be designed to provide for multi-functional use (sound system, screening, etc.), it may have joint sanitary and other utilities with the café.

Sport-Relaxation Spaces: Inside the Buildings and in Their Close Proximity

These sporting facilities will provide for sporting activities for students as part of their instruction as well for Charles University employees. They will include a climbing wall (minimal height 12 m, optimally 15 m, width at least 8 m), an exterior climbing wall may also be considered.  Further, there will be a fitness (20 persons), 1 gym (aerobics, fast and slow exercises, 40 persons) including sanitary facilities (WC, showers, storage rooms, administration room, etc.) and equipment.   Please note that due to the shocks generated by sports rooms with microscopes, nuclear magnetic resonance and similar equipment should not located near the sporting grounds. The sporting grounds will also include appropriate technology, a mirror wall and a children's play area.  Whether these sporting grounds are located in Globcentre or Biocentre depends upon the tender bidders.


The Globcentre building will also include a cafeteria serving 1500 meals per day. Please remember that supply vehicles of all kinds must be able to enter the university grounds as well as garbage collection vehicles.

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