• Basic Information

Basic Information

The Albertov Campus is an investment project of the Charles University, undertaken with the participation of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the First Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University. The planned development involves the construction of two research and education centres called ‘Biocentrum’ and ‘Globcentrum’. The two new centres would replace the existing Albertov university canteen and the parking lot of employees of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The Biocentrum should become the new centre for medical and biological sciences, while the ‘Globcentrum’ is intended to function as an interdisciplinary centre for the research of global changes. The Charles University and all its participating faculties view this as an extraordinary development challenge and the largest investment in several decades.

Several years of preliminary discussions about the concept of the Albertov Campus and its Biocentrum and Globcentrum assumed a more concrete outline in 2008 when an impact study was completed. This study presented a general outline of the two centres in their maximal envisioned form while taking into account their placement among existing buildings and other relevant factors connected with it, such as heritage protection, geological survey, the mains supplies, etc. The total floor area of the two buildings considered in this impact study was 47,000 m2 including underground parking and technical services.

In 2011, the Albertov Campus project was included in the Ministry of Education investment project No. 133210 (MŠMT 133 210). The Albertov Campus should offer not only top-level research but also create an attractive environment for students, their study and communal life.

In 2013–2014, the concept and plan of both centres was updated and elaborated in detail through repeated revisions by the Science Council of the Albertov Campus and other bodies of the three participating Charles University faculties. Key parts of these documents include a proposal of research and science programme but also a concept of the layout of teaching and social facilities, which are a natural part of this kind of modern buildings.

During this period, the organisation structure of the project was also discussed and clarified and its individual parts formally established. Rector of the Charles University and deans of the participating faculties signed an agreement about partnership during the preparatory phase and implementation of the project. Decision was taken about the process leading to acquisition of the requisite project documentation. It was also established that given the location and importance of the project, the final architectural design ought to be chosen in a design tender. Currently, the tender conditions and desiderata are being prepared and the tender should be announced in early 2015. Current version of schedule of the entire project envisages that new buildings should pass final inspection in 2021.

Maps indicate the planned location of both buildings.

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This project is applying for financial support from The National Recovery Plan