Biocentre is an umbrella centre for six research directions: Biochemistry and Metabolism, Cellular Systems in Health and Disease, Infection and Immunity, Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Chemical Synthesis, Material Research and Nanotechnology, Spectral and Structural Materials Research. Of these disciplines, each has specific demands in terms of the number and types of laboratories, studies, seminar rooms and lecture halls, storage rooms and utility rooms. Hygiene requirements will play a key role as well as the maintenance of various temperatures and humidity and other specific demands for the environment and technology. The demands for space each of these research directions has ranges from 1000 to 4000 m2. The core facilities, or joint research infrastructure, will require approximately 5000 m2 The core facilities provide comprehensive service for the Biocentre research, i.e., analyses, sample preparation and storage, depositories, joint laboratories and, what is very important, spaces for breeding laboratory animals and spaces where experimental animals are kept along with the necessary utilities and technology.

The number of Biocentre employees is estimated at 730. It must be anticipated that their total number will vary depending upon the grants awarded and research projects addressed. Laboratories and the necessary utilities and technology account for approximately 70% of the planned contents of the Biocentre. The number of employees indicated above also includes the estimated number of doctoral students involved in the work carried out by the research teams.

The Biocentre lecture halls planned consists of one large lecture hall and other smaller classrooms whose total capacity is 525 persons. This number is also the maximum number of students who can take part in lectures and seminars at one time during the busiest hours of the working week. The individual Biocentre sites are scientific-research or teaching facilities.

Biocentre will also include other types of spaces defined in the Book of Rooms and whose basic characteristics is indicated further in this text.

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