Definition of the design contest

The subject of the contest is the building of contemporary, permanent facilities and socially beneficial facilities – Biocentrum and Globcentrum in Campus Albertov, in the cadastral area Prague – New Town.

The Biocentrum research will focus on exploring live systems for the purposes of human health and new biotechnologies. Globcentrum will investigate aspects of global changes, such as the dynamics of climatic changes on Earth, changes in the distribution of organisms, global dynamics of biodiversity and role of invasion species, dynamics of vegetation in old and modern landscape and distribution of species, natural risks, or changes in the use of the land.

Further information about the contest here.

Type of the design contest

Open, international, architectural, public, anonymous, project-based, two-round contest, called pursuant to Act No. 137/2006 Coll., on public commissions, as amended.

Design contest presentation

english subtitles incl.

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This project is applying for financial support from The National Recovery Plan